Wood Charts

Cutting & Selling Firewood

When it comes to cutting and selling firewood, there are a few key things to keep in mind - from cutting to seasoning to bundling. Use this handy image to keep track of the easiest and toughest woods, as a guide to determine the length of your splits, and as a tool to measure the amount of moisture in your wood.

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Cutting & Selling Firewood Guide

Burning Firewood

Deciding which type of firewood to buy or to burn is a daunting task if you don't know your options. From beech to birch and spruce to sycamore, there is a wide range of characteristics like density, volume, fragrance, sparks and smoke to help determine the best species for firewood.

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Comparing Firewood To Other Heating Methods

With steadily rising fuel costs, many people are turning to alternative methods for heat. Heating by natural gas, electricity or fuel oil is not cheap. And while more work may go into cutting down, splitting, seasoning and bundling, firewood remains a good option for heating your home. Take a look at how a cord of air-dried wood in a variety of different species compare in heat output to other fuels.

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